1. Installing the appropriate TensorFlow package:

    • pip install tensorflow-gpu>=1.13.2 for TensorFlow with GPU support
    • pip install tensorflow>=1.13.2 for CPU-only TensorFlow
  2. Installing NiftyNet package

    Option 1. released version from PyPI:

    pip install niftynet

    Option 2. latest dev version from source code repository:

    git clone
    # installing dependencies from the list of requirements
    cd NiftyNet/
    pip install -r requirements-gpu.txt

    Alternatively, you can download the code as a .zip file and extract it. Change requirements-gpu.txt to requirements-cpu.txt for a CPU only version.

  3. (Optional) Accessing MetaImage format (.mha/.mhd files) requires SimpleITK:

    pip install SimpleITK