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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function

import functools
from collections import namedtuple

import tensorflow as tf

from niftynet.layer import layer_util
from niftynet.layer.base_layer import TrainableLayer
from import BNLayer
from niftynet.layer.convolution import ConvolutionalLayer
from niftynet.layer.fully_connected import FCLayer
from import BaseNet

ResNetDesc = namedtuple('ResNetDesc', ['bn', 'fc', 'conv1', 'blocks'])

[docs]class ResNet(BaseNet): """ ### Description implementation of Res-Net: He et al., "Identity Mappings in Deep Residual Networks", arXiv:1603.05027v3 ### Building Blocks [CONV] - Convolutional layer, no activation, no batch norm (s)[DOWNRES] - Downsample residual block. Each block is composed of a first bottleneck block with stride s, followed by n_blocks_per_resolution bottleneck blocks with stride 1. [FC] - Fully connected layer with nr output channels == num_classes ### Diagram INPUT --> [CONV] -->(s=1)[DOWNRES] --> (s=2)[DOWNRES]x2 --> BN, ReLU, mean --> [FC] --> OUTPUT ### Constraints """
[docs] def __init__(self, num_classes, n_features=[16, 64, 128, 256], n_blocks_per_resolution=10, w_initializer=None, w_regularizer=None, b_initializer=None, b_regularizer=None, acti_func='relu', name='ResNet'): """ :param num_classes: int, number of channels of output :param n_features: array, number of features per ResNet block :param n_blocks_per_resolution: int, number of BottleneckBlock per DownResBlock :param w_initializer: weight initialisation for network :param w_regularizer: weight regularisation for network :param b_initializer: bias initialisation for network :param b_regularizer: bias regularisation for network :param acti_func: ctivation function to use :param name: layer name """ super(ResNet, self).__init__(num_classes=num_classes, w_initializer=w_initializer, w_regularizer=w_regularizer, b_initializer=b_initializer, b_regularizer=b_regularizer, acti_func=acti_func, name=name) self.n_features = n_features self.n_blocks_per_resolution = n_blocks_per_resolution self.Conv = functools.partial(ConvolutionalLayer, w_initializer=w_initializer, w_regularizer=w_regularizer, b_initializer=b_initializer, b_regularizer=b_regularizer, preactivation=True, acti_func=acti_func)
[docs] def create(self): """ :return: tuple with batch norm layer, fully connected layer, first conv layer and all residual blocks """ bn = BNLayer() fc = FCLayer(self.num_classes) conv1 = self.Conv(self.n_features[0], acti_func=None, feature_normalization=None) blocks = [] blocks += [ DownResBlock(self.n_features[1], self.n_blocks_per_resolution, 1, self.Conv) ] for n in self.n_features[2:]: blocks += [ DownResBlock(n, self.n_blocks_per_resolution, 2, self.Conv) ] return ResNetDesc(bn=bn, fc=fc, conv1=conv1, blocks=blocks)
[docs] def layer_op(self, images, is_training=True, **unused_kwargs): """ :param images: tensor, input to the network :param is_training: boolean, True if network is in training mode :param unused_kwargs: not in use :return: tensor, output of the final fully connected layer """ layers = self.create() out = layers.conv1(images, is_training) for block in layers.blocks: out = block(out, is_training) spatial_rank = layer_util.infer_spatial_rank(out) axis_to_avg = [dim + 1 for dim in range(spatial_rank)] out = tf.reduce_mean(tf.nn.relu(, is_training)), axis=axis_to_avg) return layers.fc(out)
BottleneckBlockDesc1 = namedtuple('BottleneckBlockDesc1', ['conv']) BottleneckBlockDesc2 = namedtuple('BottleneckBlockDesc2', ['common_bn', 'conv', 'conv_shortcut'])
[docs]class BottleneckBlock(TrainableLayer):
[docs] def __init__(self, n_output_chns, stride, Conv, name='bottleneck'): """ :param n_output_chns: int, number of output channels :param stride: int, stride to use in the convolutional layers :param Conv: layer, convolutional layer :param name: layer name """ self.n_output_chns = n_output_chns self.stride = stride self.bottle_neck_chns = n_output_chns // 4 self.Conv = Conv super(BottleneckBlock, self).__init__(name=name)
[docs] def create(self, input_chns): """ :param input_chns: int, number of input channel :return: tuple, with series of convolutional layers """ if self.n_output_chns == input_chns: b1 = self.Conv(self.bottle_neck_chns, kernel_size=1, stride=self.stride) b2 = self.Conv(self.bottle_neck_chns, kernel_size=3) b3 = self.Conv(self.n_output_chns, 1) return BottleneckBlockDesc1(conv=[b1, b2, b3]) else: b1 = BNLayer() b2 = self.Conv(self.bottle_neck_chns, kernel_size=1, stride=self.stride, acti_func=None, feature_normalization=None) b3 = self.Conv(self.bottle_neck_chns, kernel_size=3) b4 = self.Conv(self.n_output_chns, kernel_size=1) b5 = self.Conv(self.n_output_chns, kernel_size=1, stride=self.stride, acti_func=None, feature_normalization=None) return BottleneckBlockDesc2(common_bn=b1, conv=[b2, b3, b4], conv_shortcut=b5)
[docs] def layer_op(self, images, is_training=True): """ :param images: tensor, input to the BottleNeck block :param is_training: boolean, True if network is in training mode :return: tensor, output of the BottleNeck block """ layers = self.create(images.shape[-1]) if self.n_output_chns == images.shape[-1]: out = layers.conv[0](images, is_training) out = layers.conv[1](out, is_training) out = layers.conv[2](out, is_training) out = out + images else: tmp = tf.nn.relu(layers.common_bn(images, is_training)) out = layers.conv[0](tmp, is_training) out = layers.conv[1](out, is_training) out = layers.conv[2](out, is_training) out = layers.conv_shortcut(tmp, is_training) + out print(out.shape) return out
DownResBlockDesc = namedtuple('DownResBlockDesc', ['blocks'])
[docs]class DownResBlock(TrainableLayer):
[docs] def __init__(self, n_output_chns, count, stride, Conv, name='downres'): """ :param n_output_chns: int, number of output channels :param count: int, number of BottleneckBlocks to generate :param stride: int, stride for convolutional layer :param Conv: Layer, convolutional layer :param name: layer name """ self.count = count self.stride = stride self.n_output_chns = n_output_chns self.Conv = Conv super(DownResBlock, self).__init__(name=name)
[docs] def create(self): """ :return: tuple, containing all the Bottleneck blocks composing the DownRes block """ blocks = [] blocks += [BottleneckBlock(self.n_output_chns, self.stride, self.Conv)] for it in range(1, self.count): blocks += [BottleneckBlock(self.n_output_chns, 1, self.Conv)] return DownResBlockDesc(blocks=blocks)
[docs] def layer_op(self, images, is_training): """ :param images: tensor, input to the DownRes block :param is_training: is_training: boolean, True if network is in training mode :return: tensor, output of the DownRes block """ layers = self.create() out = images for l in layers.blocks: out = l(out, is_training) return out