Source code for niftynet.utilities.niftynet_global_config

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
NiftyNet user folder configuration

import sys
from random import choice
from string import ascii_lowercase
from time import strftime

import os
from os.path import expanduser, join, split, isdir, isfile, splitext

# pylint: disable=wrong-import-order
    from configparser import (ConfigParser, Error)
except ImportError:
    from ConfigParser import (ConfigParser, Error)
from niftynet.utilities.decorators import singleton

CONFIG_HOME_VAR = 'niftynet_config_home'
MODEL_ZOO_VAR = 'niftynet_model_zoo'

[docs]@singleton class NiftyNetGlobalConfig(object): """Global configuration settings""" global_section = 'global' home_key = 'home' niftynet_exts = {'extensions': ['network']} def __init__(self): self._download_server_url = SERVER_URL self._config_home = join(expanduser('~'), '.niftynet') try: if os.environ[MODEL_ZOO_VAR]: self._download_server_url = os.environ[MODEL_ZOO_VAR] except KeyError: pass try: if os.environ[CONFIG_HOME_VAR]: self._config_home = os.environ[CONFIG_HOME_VAR] except KeyError: pass self._config_file = join(self._config_home, 'config.ini') self._niftynet_home = self._config_home self.setup()
[docs] def setup(self): """ Read variables from system environment and make directories. :return: """ config_opts = NiftyNetGlobalConfig.__load_or_create(self._config_file) self._niftynet_home = expanduser( config_opts[NiftyNetGlobalConfig.global_section][ NiftyNetGlobalConfig.home_key]) if not isdir(self._niftynet_home): os.makedirs(self._niftynet_home) # create folders for user-defined extensions such as new networks for ext in list(NiftyNetGlobalConfig.niftynet_exts): extension_subfolder = join(self._niftynet_home, ext) NiftyNetGlobalConfig.__create_module(extension_subfolder) for mod in NiftyNetGlobalConfig.niftynet_exts[ext]: extension_subsubfolder = join(self._niftynet_home, ext, mod) NiftyNetGlobalConfig.__create_module(extension_subsubfolder) for ext in list(NiftyNetGlobalConfig.niftynet_exts): extension_subfolder = join(self._niftynet_home, ext) sys.path.insert(1, extension_subfolder) sys.path.insert(1, self._niftynet_home) return self
@staticmethod def __create_module(path): """Create the passed path, i.e. folder and place an empty ```` file inside. :param path: assumed not to exist :type path: `os.path` """ os.makedirs(path) open(join(path, ''), 'a').close() @staticmethod def __load_or_create(config_file): """Load passed configuration file, if it exists; create a default otherwise. If this method finds an incorrect config file, it backs the file up with a human-readable timestamp suffix and creates a default one. :param config_file: no sanity checks are performed, as this method is for internal use only :type config_file: `os.path` :returns: a dictionary of parsed configuration options :rtype: `dict` """ required_sections = [NiftyNetGlobalConfig.global_section] required_keys = { required_sections[0]: [NiftyNetGlobalConfig.home_key] } default_values = { required_sections[0]: { NiftyNetGlobalConfig.home_key: '~/niftynet' } } backup = False if isfile(config_file): try: config = ConfigParser() # check all required sections and keys present for required_section in required_sections: if required_section not in config: backup = True break for required_key in required_keys[required_section]: if required_key not in config[required_section]: backup = True break if backup: break except Error: backup = True if not backup: # loaded file contains all required # config options: so return return dict(config) config_dir, config_filename = split(config_file) if not isdir(config_dir): os.makedirs(config_dir) if backup: # config file exists, but does not contain all required # config opts: so backup not to override timestamp = strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S') random_str = ''.join(choice(ascii_lowercase) for _ in range(3)) backup_suffix = '-'.join(['backup', timestamp, random_str]) filename, extension = splitext(config_filename) backup_filename = ''.join([filename, '-', backup_suffix, extension]) backup_file = join(config_dir, backup_filename) os.rename(config_file, backup_file) # create a new default global config file config = ConfigParser(default_values) for required_section in required_sections: for required_key in required_keys[required_section]: config.add_section(required_section) config[required_section][required_key] = \ default_values[required_section][required_key] with open(config_file, 'w') as new_config_file: config.write(new_config_file) return dict(config)
[docs] def get_niftynet_home_folder(self): """Return the folder containing NiftyNet models and data""" return self._niftynet_home
[docs] def get_niftynet_config_folder(self): """Return the folder containing NiftyNet global configuration""" return self._config_home
[docs] def get_default_examples_folder(self): """Return the default folder containing NiftyNet examples""" return join(self._niftynet_home, 'examples')
[docs] def get_download_server_url(self): """Return the URL to the NiftyNet examples server""" return self._download_server_url